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Digital Care is a value added partner in developing cutting edge health IT solutions. With its pulse on the ever-expanding healthcare IT revolution, Digital Care is closing the loop by integrating elements of timely and quality care, efficiency and advocacy for both the provider and the patients.

We pride ourselves in our unique problem-solving approach, bringing in the many stakeholders in the healthcare industry, thus capitalizing on the unique strengths of each to create better lives for the people.  Read more.

DigiHealth News July’18

World’s First of Its Kind, Patient-Centric Connected Health Model

Strategic Partnerships

Sehat Kahani is a social impact initiative by Community Innovation Hub that aims to provide a basic health unit to underprivileged areas across Pakistan. It integrates a variety of telehealth components included telemedicine

HANDS is a registered not for profit organization in Pakistan. HANDS extends its services to 13 million population of nearly 19,182 villages and settlements in 24 Districts of Pakistan.

One of the first pharmaceutical companies in Pakistan to adopt new technological trends in healthcare, Pharmevo (Pvt.) Limited, associated with Dr. Zakiuddin Ahmed as Director digital health to develop numerous digital health solutions.

Dr. Zakiuddin Ahmed - CEO, Digital Care, interview about Healthcare & Digital Landscape

Technology Partners


The CliniCloud Thermometer takes temperature readings quickly and accurately (FDA cleared) – no skin contact required. This means you can take readings, even without waking little ones when they’re asleep.

With NuvoAir Insight clinicians have immediate access to patient-generated health data, so they can focus on the most critical patients, reducing costs and improving outcomes. NuvoAir is a proud partner

iHealth Clear is designed to make measuring blood pressure easy and provide comparative results that can be tracked and managed. It is


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Dr. Iffat Zafar, CDO - Sehat Kahani sharing her views about Digital Care.