About us

Digital Care is a value added partner in developing cutting edge health IT solutions. With its pulse on the ever-expanding healthcare IT revolution, Digital Care is closing the loop by integrating elements of timely and quality care, efficiency and advocacy for both the provider and the patients.

We pride ourselves in our unique problem-solving approach, bringing in the many stakeholders in the healthcare industry, thus capitalizing on the unique strengths of each to create better lives for the people.

Our unique experience, international partnerships, long-term collaborations and first mover status in health IT sector of Pakistan spanning over 20 years gives us cutting insight on how to best serve to obtain desired healthcare outcomes.

Our Mission

“To create A Patient Centric & Safe Healthcare Ecosystem by building a
community of empowered Patients & Healthcare Stakeholders using Technology

Dr. Zakiuddin Ahmed - CEO, Digital Care speaking at Marvi Project by HANDS