2nd Opinion Clinics


A significant addition to the telemedicine revolution technology, 2nd opinion clinics are being established where patients could have the option to connect with globally medical experts through a telemedicine portal. The telemedicine portals will comprise of video conferencing, EMR and connected medical devices.



Benefits of 2nd Opinion Clinic 

  • Immediate access to global experts under one roof.
  • Improvement in existing diagnosis, investigations or treatment services.
  • Reduced travelling time and cost.
  • Patient education and empowerment.
  • Enhance patient satisfaction and better outcomes.
  • Improved quality care.
  • These telemedicine clinics will be made available at convenient locations of labs and diagnostic centers, hospitals, pharmacies, NGO offices, and malls.

With a proper setup, each telemedicine clinic will have qualified doctors, nurses, and technical staff.

The project has been enabled with the help of partnership that Dr. Zakiuddin Ahmed developed with FDA approved Dictum health.



The clinics are aimed to provide consultations in multiple specialties such as cardiology, dermatology, obs/genealogy, neurology, endocrinology, pulmonology and internal medicine.




Partners and Stakeholders 

  1. Dr. Zakiuddin Ahmed – CEO, Digital Care
  2. Dictum Health

For more updates and information regarding this project, write us an email at info@digital-care.net