Dr. Zakiuddin Ahmed 

CEO, Digital Care

MBBS, MBA Health Management

Certificate in Entrepreneurship from MIT, Boston

[email protected]


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 “To create a patient centric & safe healthcare ecosystem by building a community of empowered patients & healthcare stakeholders using technology.”  


Dr. Zakiuddin Ahmed is Pakistan’s first established expert and recognized leader in developing cutting edge and customized Health IT solutions. He is also a global influencer in developing strategic collaborations between entities to serve a common purpose of quality care to patients through integrated health IT solutions.  

As a visionary strategist and a healthcare entrepreneur, Dr. Zaki has pioneered patient centricity, patient safety and physician advocacy culture in Pakistan. He is focused on creating better healthcare ecosystems by creating socially beneficial, sustainable and innovative solutions using technology as a tool.

His interest and areas of expertise in eHealth, mHealth, Telemedicine, Digital Health, Digital Marketing in healthcare and patient advocacy have placed him as a regular speaker and valued contributor representing Pakistan in international conferences, boards and think tanks.

He is a regularly invited keynote speaker and trainer on healthcare technology based conferences,  courses, and projects, creating a new niche in the healthcare sector previously unexplored in the country.

Furthermore, Dr. Zakiuddin Ahmed is keenly interested in areas of patient safety, healthcare quality, ethics, clinical research, and healthcare leadership.

His deep collaborative partnerships have resulted in multiple international Health IT conferences of global repute, creating a melting pot of world leaders in the field to come together and discuss truly impactful ideas and projects.Dr. Zakiuddin Ahmed is keenly interested in areas of patient safetyhealthcare qualityethicsclinical research, and healthcare leadership.

Country’s Firsts 

Some of the “Country’s First” projects of Dr. Zakiuddin Ahmed  include:

Leadership Positions

Roles Served

  • Founder, Healthcare Quality & Safety Association of Pakistan.
  • Founding Trustee and Past President, eHealth Association of Pakistan (eHAP).
  • Founder and Program Director and developer of the world’s first fully integrated “Connected Health” Model at King Saud University, Saudi Arabia.
  • Board Member of OPEN Global, USA.
  • Global Digital Health Consultant for eHealth & mHealth including WHO, Arther D. Little Management Consultancy & Telenor.
  • Contributor and Independent Expert Reviewer for “WHO-ITU National eHealth Strategy Toolkit”.
  • National Coordinator for Telemedicine & eHealth, Ministry of Health, Government of Pakistan.
  • Focal Person for eHealth for WHO.
  • Organizer, 1st International Conference on Patient Safety in Pakistan.
  • Focal Person/Conductor of the 2nd Global eHealth Survey 2009 of WHO Global Observatory for eHealth for Pakistan.
  • Creator, mirror site for Supercourse, world’s largest online repository of medical presentations, in Pakistan.


  • Developed Guidelines for Ethical Relationship between Physicians & Pharma for the MoH, PCS, and PIMA.
  • Contributor in the creation of Health Research Advisory Board (HRAB) and developed a workshop “Patient First” on Patient Centric Healthcare.
  • Collaborations and working partnerships with super specialty hospitals of Singapore, Turkey, India, Thailand, Saudi Arabia & UAE.
  • Recipient of the “Most Promising Entrepreneurs Award” by E-Global Awards 2012.


Together with his team, Dr. Zaki is presently engaged with different stakeholders in the healthcare sector and is actively working towards changing the technical landscape of the industry.