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About Us

DWe Do?
DigitAL cARE is the pioneer and Leader in the field of digital health in Pakistan.
Our innovative digital health products, solutions, services, training programs and business consultancies encompass multiple domains :

Telemedicine | Mobile Apps | A.I. | Physician Portals | AR/VR
Smart Hospitals | Connected Health | eLearning | Health Portals
Data Analytics
Telemedicine & Health portals

Telemedicine refers to the practice of caring for patients remotely when the provider and patient are not physically present with each other.

medical devices

We provide a range of medical devices to monitor anything from blood oxygen saturation to the vitals of babies in the womb. We also provide software to monitor all vitals on one portal.

web conferencing and elearning

We build bespoke eLearning platforms integrating state of the art learning tools for a range of disciplines including teaching medical students remotely.

AI and Digital health solutions

We build applications for digital health that incorporate artificial intelligence and machine learning to a wide variaety of use cases.

With an unprecedented ‘list of firsts’ to its credit, Digital Care has led the eHealth revolution in
Pakistan and the region with initiative such as national and international conferences, Hub
and Spoke telemedicine project, medical call center, virtual hospital, world’s first connected
health model, among many others.


To Create a Patient-Centric & Safe Healthcare Ecosystem by Building a Community of Empowered Patients & Healthcare Stakeholders Using Technology.