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Global Partners

  1. iHealth BP:   iHealth Clear is designed to make measuring blood pressure easy and provide comparative results that can be tracked and managed. It is clinical.
  2. iHealth Glucometer: iHealth Smart takes readings like you’re used to with an old glucometer, but adds a digital twist. Its app becomes your digital logbook that presents your data in simple and easy to understand ways such as color-coded data, charts, and graphs!
  3. iHealth Body Analyzer: Measure and track nine aspects of your body composition with our medical-grade body composition scale for a complete understanding of your overall weight.
  4. iHealth Air:   See how your activity affects your oxygen level and pulse pre and post workout!

Our innovative telehealth solutions connect physicians to even the most at-risk patients for diagnoses and monitoring with the same clinical accuracy of an in-hospital exam. Our end-to-end telehealth solution includes FDA 510k class II cleared telehealth medical devices, cloud services, a Virtual Exam Room (VER), clinician and administrator / analytic portals, and a VER product line that supports patients across the continuum of care from hospital, to rehab, to home recovery.

The CliniCloud Thermometer takes temperature readings quickly and accurately (FDA cleared) – no skin contact required. This means you can take readings, even without waking little ones when they’re asleep. The CliniCloud Stethoscope is a world first, designed specifically for home use and FDA cleared. It records high fidelity audio so you can monitor any suspicious cough, wheeze, heart or respiratory concern and send recordings to a professional for evaluation.

FetalBeats is a revolutionary new smart-phone App and Fetal Heart Rate monitoring system. It is created to provide expectant parents with peace of mind by allowing them to hear their babies heartbeat from the privacy of their own home. Whether you have a high risk pregnancy or just want to connect with your baby, you will love listening to, recording, and sharing your babies heartbeat with loved ones using our app and Fetal Doppler System!

With NuvoAir Insight clinicians have immediate access to patient-generated health data, so they can focus on the most critical patients, reducing costs and improving outcomes. Integrate spirometry data with your EMRs / HERs Design in real time your own electronic patient-reported outcomes (ePROs) and deploy it within minutes

Checkme™ Lite Vital Signs Monitor is an innovative device which integrates multiple functionalities into one compact and portable unit. It supports cable-free measurement of ECG, Spo2 and Systolic blood pressure.

The Daily Check function just takes 20 seconds.

Counts your unborn baby’s kicks and movements. May help in the prevention of stillbirth.