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Pharmevo Digital Health Solutions

Evo Telemedicine

Pharmevo (Pvt.) Limited is the first pharmaceutical company in Pakistan to adopt new technological trends in healthcare,  Pharmevo (Pvt.) Limited, in partnership with Digital Care developed its telemedicine platform with the name Evotelemedicine.

EvoTelemedicine is a cloud based telemedicine software designed to create a virtual clinic destination for patients and help them to rid of unnecessary wait times of the hassle in accessing qualified doctors in time. The web portals enable the doctors to evaluate their patients, their medical records and treat them in real time, without compromising on the quality of care delivered.

The clinical care is provided with the world class clinical protocols, such as history taking, medical record maintenance, follow-up schedules and visual examinations.

Features of Evotelemedicine 

  • Electronic Medical Records (EMR).
  • Live video consultation between patient and doctor.
  • Cloud based patient education tools.
  • Individual clinics for each doctor.
  • Patient logins and accounts securely protected to book appointments and arrange consultations.
  • The service has been launched as a CSR activity from the company and has generated a positive response from the services utilizes.