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Reliable Mobile Health and Medical Teleconsultation Services

Teledoctor is Pakistan’s first medical call center. A revolutionary project in providing timely remote healthcare services.TeleDoctor was a service envisioned by Dr. Zakiuddin Ahmed through a partnership with Telenor smart services. The first project to usher in medical advisory service into the digital age, the telephonic consultation service provided timely and authentic medical advice to patients following standardized international medical codes.

TeleDoctor was modeled to provide the following

  • Medical advisory service provided.
  • Information on health care facilities and providers.
  • Value added services.
  • CSR services.

The 24/7 services were made available in multiple local languages such as Urdu, Punjabi, Pashto, Sindhi, Balochi, Siraiki, Brahwi, Hindko and Hazarvi at certain times of the day. Both male and female doctors were available to address gender specific queries.

The TeleDoctor project provided the following services to patients

  • Discussions with certified doctors consultations on health and disease.
  • Discuss lab investigations and advice on further treatment.
  • Discuss treatment prescribed by a doctor and seek advice for further treatment.
  • Received consultations for minor everyday ailments.
  • Emergency management advice on health related hazard.

To ensure quality in delivery of services the Pakistan Medical Association was engaged to ensure quality in the service delivery through

  • Brought on board for conducting training sessions of TeleDoctors.
  • Independent evaluation of TeleDoctors against international standards.
  • Monitoring quality of services.
  • Providing resources and information for services.
  • Endorse content produced and services.

Partners and Stakeholders

  1. Dr. Zakiuddin Ahmed – CEO, Digital Care
  2. NexSource
  3. Telenor
  4. Ministry of health, Sindh