B-3/6, Muhammad Ali Society Post Office Building 64/21, Karachi, Pakistan

The Dawood Foundation

What is CHI?

The Centre of Health Innovation (CHI), a joint venture by The Dawood Foundation and Digital Care is an exhibition space inside the “TDF MagnifiScience Centre” showcasing cutting edge health-tech products and solutions that are transforming the digital health space of Pakistan and the world. 

What is the Purpose of CHI?

The main objectives of CHI are:

  1. To educate the students, healthcare professionals & public about the latest technological advancements & innovations in healthcare
  2. To promote innovation in healthcare by showcasing the latest developments in Digital Health and support the startup community of Digital Health
  3. To contribute towards a stronger and safer healthcare ecosystem in Pakistan.
  4. To bring partners and stakeholders together for synergy and collaboration.

How CHI works?

Just like any other section in the TDF MagnifiScience Centre, CHI welcomes visitors to see and explore the displayed exhibits. However CHI differentiates itself from other sections by bringing together national and international leaders of the digital health industry all in one place and lets visitors interact with their exhibits!

Components of CHI:

  • Telemedicine/ Virtual Consultation Station

A station that lets visitors interact with doctors for virtual consultations

  • Artificial Intelligence Station

International technologies using artificial intelligence in diagnoses

  • Local Start-up Showcase Booth

A space to welcome the startup community of Pakistan to display their digital health startups

  • 3D Printing Station

2 3D printers on display showcasing usage of 3D printing in healthcare (prosthetics, organ/bone models etc.)

  • Augmented/ Virtual Reality Station

A real-time experience of virtual medical simulations on a VR headset

  • Video Montage

A video of the history of digital health of the world and Pakistan!